Sunday, 22 May 2011

Since I've Been Lazy...

... well, not lazy; I've been moving, working, getting school set up (gonna be a doctor, people; go me!) and chasing my now-walking one-year old all over the place.  Thus, I'm a little behind on my posting.  So, until I have a bit to settle down and catch you all up on AleahWorld, I'm posting a couple guest posts... one from a birthing blog called Birth Without Fear, which I am no longer allowed to comment on (I'm also not allowed to comment on her facebook page because of some common sense I was posting on this thread; my comments were deleted so if you wander that way, you'll miss a good portion of the conversation - though I'll be happy to fill you in if you'd like).

Anyhoo, Mrs. BWF (whom I affectionately refer to as Mrs. Boof) recently reposted a blog written by her husband, (Mr. Boof), lamenting his personal battle with husbandly male postpartum depression that was only healed by watching his wife's home birth.  After laughing my ass off, a *cough* friend of mine ;-) made her husband write about his own personal journey with male PPD, which was posted at The Mama Tao - which is a great blog; if you like parody and have a sense of humor, you'll love it.  My *cough* friend also wrote a few other guest posts for Mama T; a few neato ideas for breastmilk and a personal favorite, Battle Hymn of the Dolphin Mother.

A word of caution: if you're über crunchy and can't poke a little fun at yourself sometimes (or get offended when others do so), Mama Tao might not be for you.  And if you do read, and get offended, please leave me a detailed comment about it.  Please.  Peace out, people; I have a virology course I am just dying to get started on (end sarcasm) ;-)

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