Sunday, 7 August 2011

I'm Getting Old

Had a bit of an awakening today.  For a change, I had only one V with me (the younger; Big V went with Husband on Guy Errands) so I was looking forward to being able to do a little light shopping/perusing with only one child trying to do headstands and trying on every single pair of shoes they could find.

After wrestling through the aisles at Marshalls, I decided to walk through Kohl's before going to Target for the things that were actually on my list.  Ostensibly I was window shopping for school clothes for Big V, but first, I decided to find a new shirt to wear on my lady date with Cora and Lisa next week.  As soon as I walked in the doors, I turned left to walk through the Junior's department, and came to a dead stop.

There was not one item of clothing in that department suitable for me to wear.  As I flipped through racks of Candies clothing, Yes I'm Single and No I'm Not Interested t shirts, and spaghetti-strap camisoles with the legend "Juicy" across the boobs, my heart sank as I realized that as a thirty-two year old mother of two, I probably did not need a t shirt with a pair of rhinestone eyes cleverly appliqued across the chest.  Ditto for the chocolate satin halter top and the Your Boyfriend Thinks I'm Hot tank top.  Head down, I pushed my seventeen-month old across the store to the Misses department, where I found a sleeveless Vera Wang knit top that covered enough cleavage so my husband would let me out of the house next week.

AND a Sublime t shirt.  I'm not THAT old.


Unknown said...

I've long been shopping the Daisy Fuentes and Apt 9 apparel at Kohl's. Most of it is ok. I haven't been able to wear junior's clothes for a loooong time, as all the long sleeves are 3/4 length on my go-go-Gadget arms. Plus, I have an ass, and the superlow jeans just cause me to have mall cops and librarians tell me to pull my pants up.

I do feel stuck in between. I can't fit into the juniors clothes but don't feel ready to wear the Sonoma or Croft & Barrow. JCPENNEY has some less-high-school but trendy stuff. Also, do you have an H&M near you? Very metropolitan trendy, and dirt cheap.

Veronica said...

Yeah, last week on my first me time outing I had the same problem! I'm at that middle stage of Juniors is too "young" and misses is to old! I usually end up with a mix of both! It makes shopping evil, and now I hate clothes shopping as much as shoe shopping! (BTW, I need shoes! See, I hate it so much I refuse to do it! Actually, I just haven't a clue what shoes would go well with what outfits!)