Saturday, 12 November 2011

WHAT the fuck?!? (updated)

Yep, I used "fuck" in the title of my post today. In fact, I wasn't even going to post today (I'm tired, I have to work tonight, and I'm enjoying some pumpkin coffee). However, while perusing facebook this morning I came across a discussion that literally made my jaw hit the floor.

First some background: as some of you know, I like to piddle around on certain pro-homebirth/NCB sites; even though I can't comment on those pages, it's still excellent fodder for discussion within my private groups. Anyway, while scrolling through Peaceful Parenting's page (you know, the circ police who think everyone should breastfeed their kid until their wedding day) I came across this gem: a ten-year old in Mexico who was raped, had a baby, and stop the fucking presses, she is BREASTFEEDING THAT BABY.

Now what is one supposed to take from this article? Well, unlike most people, who would be HORRIFIED at a ten-year old being raped and forced to carry a baby, "Dr." Momma writes this: "She is recovering herself, and thanks to her milk, her son is now doing remarkably well for his tender condition."

Now if that's not amazing enough, she goes further to write: "an investigation is taking place to find whether or not this young girl was raped, and who the father of this baby is...

Legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years, and it is illegal to terminate a pregnancy unless a girl is able to prove she was the victim of sexual assault."

Let's recap what we've got so far: 
1. A ten-year old girl in Mexico 
2. Even though she's ten fucking years old, they're not sure if she was raped, so she'd better go ahead and have that baby
3. Even though she's only TEN, and had to have as The Good Doctor writes "A necessary surgical birth" (necessary maybe because she's fucking ten years old, her little body went into early labor, and TEN-YEAR OLDS AREN'T BUILT TO BIRTH BABIES), thank fucking god she's breastfeeding that baby, because not only should she be forced to carry that baby, she better keep it and breastfeed it too.

But you know what? That's not even the most amazing part of this story. What's amazing is the discussion on the article that's going on on Peaceful Parenting's facebook page - and hence the reason for this post. 

According to this lady: 

Yep, just 'cause she's ten, doesn't mean she was raped. Why? Because ten is ONLY two years younger than twelve, which (in Mexico) is the legal age of consent. Oh, she qualifies that with a "yeah, I think she was raped," but then again "we don't KNOW until the facts come out." So apparently the ten-year old could just perhaps be a MATURE ten-year old. We just don't know.

And then after a few other people express some dismay that 'ol Melissa would suggest that this ten-year old little girl might have totally been down with gettin' down, Melissa comes back a-firin': 

THANK FUCKING GOD this little ten-year old is "trying to see the silver lining" and doing what what good little ten-year old girls who've been raped, impregnated, and forced to carry the baby should do: breastfeed that baby. 'Cause CLEARLY that's what matters.

If you want to follow the rest of the discussion, check it out here; I have some wonderful friends who are continuing the discussion with Melissa.

Update: according to this story, an older male relative has been arrested in connection to this case. Apparently, Melissa Tullock Joers, it wasn't consensual. Imagine that.


Anonymous said...

That is insanely ridiculous.

Ashlee said...

Wow dude. No wonder you were pissed. I totally get the "she may have be down to gettin down"...but at 10?! Shit I still played with BARBIE at 10. The last thing on my mind was doing the dirty with anyone else. Ugh I hate the issue of rape when a baby is created...

SuziG said...

Wow, just freakin' wow. My family would go apeshit on this chick. Just because you're from Mexico does NOT mean you're crazy and you're having sex at ten freaking years old. Yeah, you might be working younger, but you're not running around flashing tits and ass saying "look at me, look at me, let's get it on!" Crazy bitch. Ugh. I hate people like this that think just because you have to work at a younger age that you're more mature in every other aspect. It's not true.

Trinity said...

Jesus, I wouldn't even let a 10 year old BABY-SIT a newborn, much less raise one. That poor poor little kid.

Sharonmanc said...

10 is 10 the world over, I have stopped frequenting a lot of sirtes becasue of the narrow mindedness, racism and prejudice of people.