Sunday, 13 November 2011

List Sunday!

That's right people... it's almost my Happy Birthday! My twenty-ninth Happy Birthday! Again!! (and Christmas too).

So in case any of you are stumped regarding what would make me happy on my Happy Birthday (and Christmas), I have compiled an annotated guide to Aleah's Happy Birthday (and Christmas!) dream list. Someone make sure Husband gets a copy.

Item 1: a female rottweiler. This one, to be precise:
Just text me once you've picked her up; I'll message you my address. I really need another female in this house.

Item 2:
Well yeah. I'm as materialistic as the next chick. Plus they'll go great with my boobs.

Item 3: A Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope. In red. It's only $160, so thus far, the most economical item on my list.    
 Item 4:

Yes. I'm one of those women.

Item 5: Well, the iCamera, while fantastic, just isn't quite cutting the mustard anymore. Ever since I've discovered the Hipstamatic app, I've been taking lots of black-and-white photos and presuming myself to be quite artistic. Black-and-white makes EVERYTHING look artistic. Plus I need one of these:

to take pictures of the cute new puppy I'm getting; amirite?

And finally, Item 6:
One of these babies. I'm a night-shift nurse. I need the boost.


Laura Boatner said...

It's almost MY birthday (and Christmas). I'll take your leftovers. Well, all but the female rottweiler. She's really cute, but I'm afraid I'm on the cusp of being a crazy-ass animal hoarder.

Ashlee said...

My friend got a Kreurig and the damn thing broke...actually I think that happened to 2 people I know.

And you want another dog?? Brave, Brave woman. I tell you.

Susan said...

I've heard the same thing as Ashlee about Kreuig, I have a Senseo machine and haven't had any problems with it, had it since they came out. (I got to 'product testing' on it)
Great list - You'll have to let us know how many of the things on your list come to be!

Veronica said...

What a cute puppy! If I said I wanted her, my husband would be out getting her at this very moment! I somehow won the dog debate (twice!) and instead of getting his rottie we got Cocco. Then he lost the second time and we got my Ditto pup! Yes we're crazy enough to have 2 very energetic chocolate labs! (But just remember rotties are a pain when it comes to military moves!! Many places don't take them!)

Bambi C said...

I want a puppy too