Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Guess What I'm Doing This Weekend!

My husband, my lovecakes, is taking me to see THIS:
...and I am ex-KITED!!!

Excited because it's Matt Damon?


Excited because we'll be childless for approximately one hour and forty-five minutes?


Excited because movies/shows/books involving viral or bacterial mayhem are my favorite thing ever?!?!?!?



Bambi C said...

I <3 You, even though you are such a goober sometimes!!

Aleah said...

You mean, a goober with a fine sense of drama and scintillating educational interests!!

baby foot fluff said...

Did you like outbreak? I have to admit that I did.

Anonymous said...

Did it have enough science geek stuff to entertain you?

Aleah said...

Outbreak was pretty good; I really like the actors, and hemorrhagic fever is just freaky. It's interesting to read about Ebola, and the fact that the vector's never been found kinda gives me shivverz.

But influenza... it's my favorite subject. The 1918 pandemic killed more people in FOUR MONTHS than the bubonic plague did in as many centuries. A FLU!!! It's so common, and seems soooo trivial, but it is SO DEADLY. SHIVVERZ.

And they did an AMAZING job with Contagion. The science advisor they used was spot-on; every angle was conceivable; the storyline was completely plausible, and yes, once again I have been catapulted back onto my soapbox: WE ARE DUE FOR ANOTHER BIG ONE. BE WARNED.


Unknown said...

I still haven;t seen it but I want to! I tried to get my boy friend to take me....I had my vinyl gloves and "cold" mask all ready to go! Unfortunately my boyfriend nor my boys(21 and 23 now) would NOT take me if I wore them!! ( I really thought it would set the tone for the movie! ) Still haven't seen it...what did you think?

Aleah said...

It's coming out on DVD in January. I will be at Walmart at midnight to get my copy.