Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 8: a picture of someone you do the craziest things with


Okay. This one will be separated into a few parts, because I've gotten up to absolutely no good with several people during my misbegotten youth, and while the details don't need to be aired (statutes of limitations, etc) they all deserve a mention.

This is a friend of 17 years; one I no longer communicate with. Although we were best friends for nearly 17 years, profound differences in politics and parenting philosophies became to drastic to ignore. However, prior to that I believe there wasn't a single person I got up to no good with more often than she...and there were times we were convinced we'd still be rehashing those times in our shared room at the nursing home.

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Veronica said...

I have 2 friends like that. They were my best friends growing up and the 3 of us always imagined we would grow old together. But sometimes its better to just let go and enjoy the memories we had and be thankful for the ways that friend helped us to be a better person!